What is The Cereal Aisle?

A fashion newsletter about clothes and style, with a particular emphasis on how to get dressed — that is, how to wear the clothes you have to accommodate the style you like.

Or maybe it’s not always the clothes you have — this newsletter also breaks down what is worth buying and why.

How often do you publish?

Twice a week — once for the whole list, and once for paying subscribers.

On Tuesdays, I publish a public post.

This is usually wrapped up in the how of getting dressed: what to wear (outfit ideas), when to wear it (occasion-specific), and why you like it — with references to what is happening within fashion culture to anchor some of the trends we often find ourselves gravitating towards. Sometimes, I write more theoretically too.

The Cereal Aisle by Leandra Medine Cohen
What will it take for designers to feel comfortable taking creative and intellectual risks again?
I came across this tweet from one of the great writers in fashion right now and in response to her question, all I could think was that it keeps boiling down to The Row…
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On Fridays, I publish a list of things that have recently piqued my interest. Within these lists you will typically find links to fashion items from around the web — some of these products are widely available, like a pair of Charvet slippers, while others are unexpected quirks or spotlights of interesting young brands I encounter through social media.

There is also the occasional beauty product rec, like this shampoo that has turned my mane into the stuff of a Greek myth, snacks like these insane olives I found at Dimes market on Canal Street once, recipes, and vessel suggestions in which to consume your food.

Occasionally, I will publish a thought on life too: being a mom, turning inwards toward the mystical, finding ground in the earlier stages of a new phase of life.

The Cereal Aisle by Leandra Medine Cohen
#101922: The people (and things) we parent
How is your week going? The beg. of mine was rocky — not because of any conflict that is out of the ordinary, but I think mostly because of how hard I can be on myself. Which, I guess intellectually, I have always known and said, but am only now starting to really understand…
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These typically read like short-form diary entries though sometimes they are a bit longer.

How much is a subscription and what do I get?

$5 a month, or $50 a year (with a $12 saving to buy exactly one flavored specialty drink at any number of New York coffee shops).

As a paying subscriber, you get:

  • The ability to comment and connect on newsletter posts (I recommend using this feature to ask for any style advice you might need!), as well as reply privately to dispatches, which come to my inbox.

  • Access to Geneva, the app that supports our group chat on topics like fashion, shopping, parenting, and culturally relevant materials such as books, podcasts, articles, and grocery store finds — with a particular emphasis on salty, cured fish.

  • The Friday post - a list of recommendations that run the gamut from footwear to podcasts to like, poses you can sit in while drinking your drink and are often preceded by an internal reflection.

*I also optimize many of the shopping links published in this newsletter through different affiliate networks. Not every brand or store works with a network, so not every link is optimized, either, but there is a chance that if you buy something from here, I am earning a commission on that purchase.

Who are you?

Leandra Medine Cohen! I’m 34, have twin daughters, and am still married to the person I wed when I was 23.

I founded and led an influential media company called Man Repeller, which started in 2010. It ran for ten years but was originally a personal style-focused fashion blog about trends that women love and men hate. By the time of its closure in 2020, the company had become an essential cultural anchor for millennial women.

I have always been interested in fashion, clothes, and in particular, style — the ways we use our bodies to project personality, understand our characters, to manipulate, change, emphasize, celebrate, or simply to ask questions.

Most distinctly, I am interested in the ways one can use clothes to confront, explore and transform pain into something else, be it a lesson, a message, an opportunity to embrace beauty, creativity or self-acceptance. This basic sentiment underpins so much of what you’ll find here. Welcome!

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Leandra Medine Cohen 

Started Man Repeller, a blog about trends women love and men hate, which became a media company that I led for ten years. Now I mostly: sample spreadable cheese, burn sage, write this newsletter and hang out with my kids.