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I think part of the reason I feel a bit out of sync with most lately, is that I was not as confined or homebound during Covid and I feel now is my time to succumb and indulge in a temporary state of melancholy, so to speak. I also do like being home, alone, and will drink wine anywhere, so I was apprehensive if this issue would apply to me and boy was I wrong. Tights! Jewelry over tights! Reminds me of necklaces over a turtleneck which I am fan of. I am not exaggerating that to me, every look has me excited and inspired to again, interpret in my own style and very much appreciated the runway looks to reference as well along with the suggestions not pictured. Very into the double belt. Love the pop of color in the drab of winter. As a fan of a statement pant, this makes so much sense though I feel like we often get confined in a certain way of thinking, no matter how open minded sometimes and we fail to see options right in front of us. I know you have done the tights under pants a few weeks ago, in lieu of a sock, though having them with a heel or slingback seems like a brand new idea, even if I have had it before. I am also exhausted, so many stories so little need to explain, though I don't think my enthusiasm is due to my state of delirium. This was great and always looks so fun to put together and play with different ideas to put out there. 💛

Adding that I am excited to read the joint interview of you and Abie, thanks for including the link. What a cool opportunity.


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Really appreciated this story. I’m very much in a rut right now. I am struggling to find the motivation to do anything these days, but reading this and looking at your images sparked a little something.

Very into the colored or white tights underpants look. It’s a winter staple look in my opinion.

What is the watch you are wearing in your last look with the utility boots? I’m in desperate need of a new watch

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Starting from the bottom-up interview is a great read – I perceived your and Abie’s voices to be different in approach yet so entwined simultaneously.

All outfits brought me a smile and made me remember that I’d been somewhere near the pants with white tights look many moons ago. The pants were in a rusty hue of orange and fabric quite textured - woven tweed of some kind; the shoes resembled a saloon dancer shoe but in block heels, with the middle strap, very basic and very 90’s…

Yet the winner for me are the red tights and the long white skirt looks. Anything 70’s wins my stare.

Will give a try on pants and tights and ankle accessories. Most likely beads 🤪

🥂 cheers.

Ps: indeed fashion and style can be very shallow, yet clothes and garments are so much more. Probably to call it fashion (mode) is beneath the realms of clothing and garments and how they tell the story of humanity in every shape, colour and material.

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This is exactly what I needed. ❤

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