A million ways to wear a sweater vest

This is a public post from the How to Wear franchise. To read the first of its kind, click here. For lots of ways to wear a t-shirt under your vest, there is also this.

Recently I have started to think that the reason people get addicted to the high from shopping is because of the rare occasion when one is actually to find a thing that genuinely makes them think differently about the existing contents of their wardrobes.

In that instance, the item should technically help any among us to find enoughness in our respective closets — reinvigorate the stuff that is already in there, implore us to experience the sensation of utter fullness — but as happens with any high: the order of consequences get cloudy, so instead of thinking, Wow this thing actually brought my sense of satisfaction back to life, we might instead monkey-think: More of this! More of this! More, more, more! High, high, high.

I saw a sweater vest in a shop at the beginning of September, I tried it on and really liked it, but didn’t get it. Then for weeks, I could not stop thinking about all the ways I wanted to wear it.

For a wedding I have coming up next weekend:

Or maybe I’d rather wear it with a bunch of nothing under:

I could wear it over jean,

Or under jean.

To take a meeting:

Or a lunch break.

To drop my kids off:

Pick myself up!

~Elevate~ the jacket,

Meet The Parents:

Or…someone else?

Idk! But lately, my whole existing closet seems more fun simply because of a sweater vest.

If you can relate — as in feel kind of stale, but don’t think the solution is an overhaul, great! I did some market research. If you can’t, that is great too. Don’t give in to peer pressure, live your truth, etc.

And if you’re wondering how a three-year-old would style the vest, here is honest footage of how Madeline dressed me last Sunday. I hadn’t thought to put a collarless cardigan under the vest, am impressed by how she coordinated the jacket to the slipper/sock choice and she specifically advised that I only button one button of my shorts:

Which I did.

In sum: not bad.

Here are some other vests — starting with Anthropologie’s jacquard vest for $90.

Then there’s Ganni’s creative take on fair isle for $176.

Here’s a more traditional fair isle from Etsy with a thicker neck and arm trim for $152.

From & Other Stories, an ivory-base fair isle with purple and green for $89.

If you prefer argyle, this one from American Eagle is $35.

This one is button-up AND THE BUTTONS ARE DOLPHINS — $89.

For $140, this floral guy is crew neck.

These amazingly chic men’s ones are from S.S. Daley, $445

and here are Margiela’s tzitzit, basically, for $630.

Finally, too, here once again is the Frances Valentine vest that started the whole thing.

And that’s the end. Bye!