Mom thread: Help!

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Not sure how many of you are moms (are any of you moms?) but putting this out there, just in case, because I lately find myself caught between a rock (my cell phone) and a hard place (an outgoing text question to no one), in pursuit of either validation that the motions of toddlerdom I’m rowing through are not isolated incidents endemic to me or advice in the event that they are. I don’t know why I feel both self-conscious about my parenting style and the way my kids are evolving and self-righteous (or less cynically, guarded) about pursuing advice as such.

Actually, I think I got it: I don’t want to be judged! For finding myself oscillating between trying to teach my kids how to be people in the world while maintaining acknowledgment that I’m v much not trying to like, stifle or emotionally beat down their primal, basic senses of gorgeous and colorful self. So there’s that. Self-doubt.

On my mind in spite of it: my kids don’t play with other kids. Maybe it’s a twin thing? Is this is a thing they’ll phase out of? Something I have to DO something about? Part of me is like: I am socially uncomfortable in new environments, too, and if I had a built in sidekick, I wouldn’t stray too far either but then the other part of me is like: remember what Harry Nilsson sang? Two can be as bad as one.

You know? Or no?

What’s going on with you and your kids??? Let’s use this place — THE MOM THREAD — to talk, if you’re up to it!

Signing off,

Leo — now from, presumably, the frozen food aisle